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Gamers getting Vaporizers

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As we all know professional gamers have a lifestyle that we all dream of. Doing something they love for a living while relaxing on the couch. Well the relaxing just got a little bit better. As it becomes more and more important to be relaxed while playing, gamers have been dabbling into smoking before and during their sessions. They say it gives them a calm sense of being and helps them dial in while they are playing.

With this new recent trend of smoking while gaming, it has been apparent the old school way you parents used to smoke weed just isn’t cutting it anymore. Gone are the days of joints and smoking through a pipe. Today gamers across the world are now smoking through what is called a Vape Pen or Vaporizer pen. This new smoking technology allows the user to inhale the THC from the susbtance without much of the harmful chemicals that are found in the plant.


What are Vape Pens?

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The Vapor pen heats up a chamber within the device and literally vaporizes the plant base material at such a high temperature that all that is left is a clean vapor like smoke that can be inhaled much more easily that smoking a joint or through glass wear that was most common 4-5 years ago.

The other reason the gamers are deciding to smoke with this way is because of insane stone that it gives you. Because the gamers are just getting the THC in every hit they are getting much more stoned which helps them level up during their sessions as I said earlier. “I play better than I have ever played in my life” says Tom Arnter who is a World of War craft professional stationed in South Korea. “I feel as if I have taken my gaming to a new level not possible before” says Kira Nightendale from Maryland who is another professional gamers in the League of Legends realm. It is clear if that the top performers from these gaming worlds are saying it’s helping them, It must be helping them!

Well only time will tell if this trend will stick around, but as far as gamers are concerned vaporizing their substance is here to stay. Thanks for tuning in and have a good weekend!

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