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Looking to boost your level 30 account?

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If you have an account in level 30 for the ranked version of game play in League of Legends (aka lol) you will soon realize that the initial ranking in which you are placed at is fairly low and thus making you play with the worst players on earth, people who are literally dumber than a fish, making it impossible for you a new player to win games after games which is what it takes to climb divisions and leagues (also known as ELO which is the old rating system that league of legends had, much to the likes of world of Warcraft with their MMR system – Match Making Rating).

level 30 account boost in lol

You will start to look for alternatives to try to get out of the pits of Hell (elo hell) as quick as you possibly can and for that then you can look into mmrboosting.com which is a place where they specialize into league of legends boost for level 30 accounts, making your journey to become a much better player more pleasant than what it is right now (considering it’s pretty low because you’ve been playing with absolute morons day in and day out).

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League of legends rating boost

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Whether you are a pro gamer, hardcore gamer, casual gamer or no gamer at all, you must have heard about League of Legends. In the gaming world this game is the absolute record breaker in the aspect of how many people are currently playing it or own League of Legends account. The number of unique players every month holds an astonishing record of 67 Million people. This game was developed by a corporation called Riot Games, and in the beginning it wasn’t so popular. Riot Games was a fairly unknown company since they didn’t have anything to show for before League of Legends, but now, everybody knows about them.

The genre of this game is called MOBA (massive online battle arena), and it’s certainly not the first of its kind. The predecessors of this game were Dota (Defense of the ancient) Which was originally owned by blizzard and Heroes of Newerth.

dawngate_ea_games_moba-440x250MOBA genre is basically a type of game where players play against each other and each player has a certain role in the game. There are five primary roles in League of Legends and they are Top, mid, attack damage carry, support and jungler. The map on which the game is played is always the same, it consists of 3 lanes, jungle in between lanes and a river that marks the half of the map, both sides of the river are exactly alike and there are no advantages or disadvantages when playing on one or the other side. There are more than a hundred characters from which you can choose the one suits you the most and some of these characters can serve as multiple roles.

Reading so far this game may seem quite difficult but once you learn the basics, you will realize that it’s not that hard. The rating or rather the ladder in which players are ranked based on their win – lose ratio spans from Bronze to Challenger with silver, gold, platinum, diamond and master tier in between. Based on which tier you currently are, people will assume how skilled you are. Now here comes the tricky part.
league of legends is a community in which even everyone can own an account and as long as they are level 30 they can play ranked games (the games that determine your rating). If you are really unlucky, you can enter a streak of mind numbing games with people who play to make others suffer, for example, they will make the enemy team stronger so your team loses just to watch you get mad. There are people who get easily offended by anything and just stay afk (away from keyboard) until the end of the game.

Besides these two types, there are people who will purposely use their abilities to make it as impossible as it can be for you to play your game.
Having this in mind, some people think they are more skilled than the current tier in which they are playing and the reason why they can’t rank up is because of people like these. So they got the idea to pay a professional gamer to play instead of them, or to with them in order to score more victories and leave what they call ”elo hell”, in other words, to escape the low ranked players and try their luck with better ranked players. If you would yourself playing with these toxic players and see no other way out, there are numerous individuals who will be more than willing to boost your rating in exchange for money.

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League of Legends Development

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Best moba out there – League of Legends

happy elo push

Hello there, so you are most likely here because you’ve been looking for a way to increase your elo and even more so to Elo Boost in league of legends or it turned out to be now, the division and league where you are in.

Of course everyone desires to be a rank 1 or a challenger or a diamond 1 in any game there is, but it comes with a price, the price of effort.

elo boosting na

Now let’s step back to the basics; considering you’ve got the skills, you’ve done your study, you are active in the community learning every day about the new play styles and what not of different champions or characters for any game in all reality.

One factor though is the time it takes to do all that however if you are gamer this shouldn’t be an issue.

Elo Boost

Another more important factor is your team-mates, in a game like league of legends you are often teamed up with random people within your same rating and skill level, most of the time though… it doesn’t turn out that well because quite frankly you’ve never played with each other in any way and don’t have the slightest clue about how your team-mate plays and to make it worse in the following match you are teamed with another set of new players who share the same characteristics of the previous team.

diamond 1 elo boost now

So improving at this point is nearly impossible, one thing you can do however is place yourself higher in the skill level where you are at, this way you can learn from the better player new things and improve your gameplay. The game mechanics don’t allow such thing so what you have to do is definitely consider alternatives.


There are many things you can do however the most reliable and obviously fastest way you can approach the problem is getting in contact with the best Elo push Site right here and they will just give your asset from where you play a “boost” into the next league or division or what ever you want, not only will you start playing with better people meaning that the game will change for the better, but you will instantly receive coaching through spectating what’s going on in live time so you can learn directly from the players you admire the most.

Most games work like that, unless you are teamed (either voluntarily or involuntarily) with good players or at least players within your same skill level you won’t ever progress any further from where you already are.


Let’s take World of Warcraft for example: in the competitive environment of the game you are faced with arenas and rated battle-grounds, in both of the modes you have to be part of a team of players that have the same goals as you, even though the players are mostly enjoying the game for fun you want to step it a bit further and enjoy the time you spend while actually improving in the game.


The same process applies, if you don’t have a good rating you won’t be placed with team-mates within the same rating looking to improve their gameplay.

Another thing in the game of Warcraft is that you will face the problems of tuning your character for the best possible outcome in various situations, there are many many guides for professions in wow as you can find in (short of world of warcraft) that will help you gear your character accordingly in-game and you will improve a lot in what statistics and output numbers refer, however in a competitive game you can bet that every single person is tuned to the best possible number so that they can perform right next to the big and most skilled players without any disadvantage.


Ultimately what it always comes down to is the skill-set of every single player in any game you can think of which has a competitive nature. Where there is competition there will always be room for improvement.

elo boosting find them and win

Another aspect of the game that I’d like to touch is the fact that in order for you to learn everything, you have to literally learn everything on your own; there’s just no way around it. Also consider that you might need some extra help so lol coaching here at  might be something you are interested in too.

What I mean by that is you should always have experience in every aspect of the game, different maps, different classes, different specializations, different play-styles, different combinations, etc.

So what I’m telling you is that you should make an active effort to learn other classes and other things you don’t necessarily play all the time, because you will learn first hand how they react against you and you can take advantage of that.

league of legends

There’s a downside though, in order to experience all that you must have all characters to max level, or your accounts to max level to play all the champions of league of legends.

Let’s take now diablo 3 for example, this online video game is widely known among enthusiasts of rpg games. However it does too have a competitive nature attached to it. To experience everything you must have everything leveled to the maximum, and in order to do that you must definitely have the time and patience to not only level a new character or account to the max but to also gear it with the best possible combination of trinkets and what not to learn the game. To do this most players just get any Boost elo league of legends out there (of course they make sure it’s legit) and then they only dedicate to play the character which is fully maxed out in order to gain the experience they need.

Now let’s talk a bit more about strategy in the game, and in all games. Many people say that there’s a direct link between the strategy and the conquest, there’s not much importance in the small battle but in the big picture.

I know it’s alluring to some people just starting the game to think that there’s a whole world, a universe of some sort that envelops everything there is to know AND MORE to a game. You can also find wins at Like a complex strategy based on warfare and real military experience.

This expands even further to games like Star Craft 2 in which the resemblance with real life military positioning and strategies is gigantic. You literally feel as if you develop and execute a strategy given to you by a commander and chief of the Navy.

This is why they call these type of games Real Time Strategy games because they envelop everything regarding warfare.


I hope you had a wonderful time reading this and hopefully learning a bit more, so I encourage you to learn more about the game here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/

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