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League of legends rating boost

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Whether you are a pro gamer, hardcore gamer, casual gamer or no gamer at all, you must have heard about League of Legends. In the gaming world this game is the absolute record breaker in the aspect of how many people are currently playing it or own League of Legends account. The number of unique players every month holds an astonishing record of 67 Million people. This game was developed by a corporation called Riot Games, and in the beginning it wasn’t so popular. Riot Games was a fairly unknown company since they didn’t have anything to show for before League of Legends, but now, everybody knows about them.

The genre of this game is called MOBA (massive online battle arena), and it’s certainly not the first of its kind. The predecessors of this game were Dota (Defense of the ancient) Which was originally owned by blizzard and Heroes of Newerth.

dawngate_ea_games_moba-440x250MOBA genre is basically a type of game where players play against each other and each player has a certain role in the game. There are five primary roles in League of Legends and they are Top, mid, attack damage carry, support and jungler. The map on which the game is played is always the same, it consists of 3 lanes, jungle in between lanes and a river that marks the half of the map, both sides of the river are exactly alike and there are no advantages or disadvantages when playing on one or the other side. There are more than a hundred characters from which you can choose the one suits you the most and some of these characters can serve as multiple roles.

Reading so far this game may seem quite difficult but once you learn the basics, you will realize that it’s not that hard. The rating or rather the ladder in which players are ranked based on their win – lose ratio spans from Bronze to Challenger with silver, gold, platinum, diamond and master tier in between. Based on which tier you currently are, people will assume how skilled you are. Now here comes the tricky part.
league of legends is a community in which even everyone can own an account and as long as they are level 30 they can play ranked games (the games that determine your rating). If you are really unlucky, you can enter a streak of mind numbing games with people who play to make others suffer, for example, they will make the enemy team stronger so your team loses just to watch you get mad. There are people who get easily offended by anything and just stay afk (away from keyboard) until the end of the game.

Besides these two types, there are people who will purposely use their abilities to make it as impossible as it can be for you to play your game.
Having this in mind, some people think they are more skilled than the current tier in which they are playing and the reason why they can’t rank up is because of people like these. So they got the idea to pay a professional gamer to play instead of them, or to with them in order to score more victories and leave what they call ”elo hell”, in other words, to escape the low ranked players and try their luck with better ranked players. If you would yourself playing with these toxic players and see no other way out, there are numerous individuals who will be more than willing to boost your rating in exchange for money.

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The Gaming World in Dubai

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Rising Gaming City

As a rising city in the United Arab Emirates; Dubai has given birth to some of the most amazing gamers in the world who are currently dominating League of Legends, Dota 2, World of Warcraft and Starcraft II.

gamers in dubai

With the help of some amazing advertising companies the gaming scene in Dubai has been growing exponentially just as fast as their economy has done it in the last 20 years.

Now you can see kids, teens and adults shopping for games that were previously not accepted in the country of the UAE, and playing them not only casually but competitively and this is where Dubai has seen a huge increase in players over the last couple of years.

Top level destination for world gamers

dubai worlds gaming tournament

It has become a destination for the best players in the world with the good internet as well as the good lifestyle that they get in Dubai, it matches no other city in the world, not even South Korea.

As you know, Dubai is known for being the best at everything that they do and taking the gaming scene out of their diapers and turning it into a professional career is not an exception, with the help of Sheiks, Advertising Agencies, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization in Dubai and tons of Branding, the image that everyone had of a Middle East country has changed significantly and there is no reason not to think that this will become the capital of the world when it comes to gaming in general.

online marketing to promote games

To think that only a couple years ago this was a desert that there was nothing in here is unfathomable; to see the rise of amazing companies that specialize in changing images, total brands and digital advertising is truly outstanding.

SEO’s and gamers working together

Gaming has been no different, in a few years we will see huge stadiums dedicated to gaming tournaments where the best in Dubai will play against one another as well as having international tournaments where the world will see how great the gamers and SEOs of Dubai really are.

There will be a simulator-game tournament in 2016 where Dubai will be the hosting city for this international event, and there is nothing stopping the gamers from all over the world to come here to see how great Dubai really is, this tournament will be hosted in Dubai media City in a brand new stadium that will show the world the true power of Dubai’s gamers.

To promote this the city has been going through intensive online marketing as well as digital advertising and even going to the lengths of looking for Dubai’s top Search Engine Optimization company in order to make sure that whenever someone looks for this event and for even Dubai in general they will have a taste of what it really is about and they will be able to find all the information on the internet about it when the time comes.

If you’re a gamer looking to spend some time there or in Abu Dhabi then we encourage you to visit because this will be your new home with the commodities that you will find anywhere else that gives online gaming real respect and treat it like the growing sport that it really is.

The best athletes are already living here due to the increase in acceptance and general good lifestyle that it has been developing in Dubai for the last couple of decades and that it seems not to stop growing and growing for the next century.

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