Looking to boost your level 30 account?

Posted by on May 6, 2016 in Elo Boosting, League of Legends | Comments Off on Looking to boost your level 30 account?

If you have an account in level 30 for the ranked version of game play in League of Legends (aka lol) you will soon realize that the initial ranking in which you are placed at is fairly low and thus making you play with the worst players on earth, people who are literally dumber than a fish, making it impossible for you a new player to win games after games which is what it takes to climb divisions and leagues (also known as ELO which is the old rating system that league of legends had, much to the likes of world of Warcraft with their MMR system – Match Making Rating).

level 30 account boost in lol

You will start to look for alternatives to try to get out of the pits of Hell (elo hell) as quick as you possibly can and for that then you can look into mmrboosting.com which is a place where they specialize into league of legends boost for level 30 accounts, making your journey to become a much better player more pleasant than what it is right now (considering it’s pretty low because you’ve been playing with absolute morons day in and day out).