The Gaming World in Dubai

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Rising Gaming City

As a rising city in the United Arab Emirates; Dubai has given birth to some of the most amazing gamers in the world who are currently dominating League of Legends, Dota 2, World of Warcraft and Starcraft II.

gamers in dubai

With the help of some amazing advertising companies the gaming scene in Dubai has been growing exponentially just as fast as their economy has done it in the last 20 years.

Now you can see kids, teens and adults shopping for games that were previously not accepted in the country of the UAE, and playing them not only casually but competitively and this is where Dubai has seen a huge increase in players over the last couple of years.

Top level destination for world gamers

dubai worlds gaming tournament

It has become a destination for the best players in the world with the good internet as well as the good lifestyle that they get in Dubai, it matches no other city in the world, not even South Korea.

As you know, Dubai is known for being the best at everything that they do and taking the gaming scene out of their diapers and turning it into a professional career is not an exception, with the help of Sheiks, Advertising Agencies, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization in Dubai and tons of Branding, the image that everyone had of a Middle East country has changed significantly and there is no reason not to think that this will become the capital of the world when it comes to gaming in general.

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To think that only a couple years ago this was a desert that there was nothing in here is unfathomable; to see the rise of amazing companies that specialize in changing images, total brands and digital advertising is truly outstanding.

SEO’s and gamers working together

Gaming has been no different, in a few years we will see huge stadiums dedicated to gaming tournaments where the best in Dubai will play against one another as well as having international tournaments where the world will see how great the gamers and SEOs of Dubai really are.

There will be a simulator-game tournament in 2016 where Dubai will be the hosting city for this international event, and there is nothing stopping the gamers from all over the world to come here to see how great Dubai really is, this tournament will be hosted in Dubai media City in a brand new stadium that will show the world the true power of Dubai’s gamers.

To promote this the city has been going through intensive online marketing as well as digital advertising and even going to the lengths of looking for Dubai’s top Search Engine Optimization company in order to make sure that whenever someone looks for this event and for even Dubai in general they will have a taste of what it really is about and they will be able to find all the information on the internet about it when the time comes.

If you’re a gamer looking to spend some time there or in Abu Dhabi then we encourage you to visit because this will be your new home with the commodities that you will find anywhere else that gives online gaming real respect and treat it like the growing sport that it really is.

The best athletes are already living here due to the increase in acceptance and general good lifestyle that it has been developing in Dubai for the last couple of decades and that it seems not to stop growing and growing for the next century.